Study Abroad in University of California, Los Angeles

so my summer session was a dream. After I wrote my last exam in Munich on August 3rd, I immediately flew to LA on August 4th.

The university is just fantastic. The possibilities that are offered (sport, culture, fun, simply everything) are beyond anything I have seen before. I lived in RH which was fine. If you have too much money you can of course take one of the huge apartments out of campus (these are really much bigger and have air conditioning!).

I had decided on 3 courses: Macroeconomics 102, Financial Statement Analysis 126, and Special Topics in Management 180. I found all courses great, although it must be said that the 126 in particular was associated with a lot of effort (2 cases a week + 2 homework per week + prepare everything) if you want to go on vacation there you shouldn’t do this course (even after the first break in the first lecture there were 3 Germans, including myself in the course). In general there were only 6 non-UCLA students in 126 and even some MBA students were there, which speaks for the level of the event. But I don’t want to put anyone off. I had an A on all courses, so good grades are definitely feasible, only once very easy (180) and once difficult (126).

About campus: as I have already said, what is offered is simply unbelievable. Fitness, sports facilities, swimming pool, tennis, just about everything plus cafes, shops, and much more.

You just have to have been there and see it yourself, it’s hard to describe it anyway. In any case, you can see where the money is flowing and then the tuition fees appear to be fair!

Other tips:

tries to do a lot with Americans (they just have more idea where to go and how to get in there the fastest and cheapest 🙂
Drive to Las Vegas!
Drive to San Diego
Drive to Six Flag Mountain (the hottest roller coasters in the world, also suitable for girls)
buys a lot of clothes (especially in outlets) because the price is just a joke.

I would recommend everyone to go there. It was a great time and I’m planning on doing it again this year.



When planning my stay at UCLA as part of Summer Session C, the testimonials from former MicroEDU students were very helpful. For this reason, I would also like to describe my experiences and experiences to future interested parties.

At the beginning of the “Summer Session UCLA” project, the first question is whether you have to apply for a visa or not. This depends on the number of courses you plan to take at UCLA. If you choose more than one course, you have to apply for a student visa (so-called F1 visa). The application for a visa includes a certain amount of paperwork, an interview at the US consulate or embassy and costs around 100.00 USD. However, if you only want to take one course, you can also travel to the USA as a tourist and enroll at UCLA.

Once the acceptance at UCLA and possibly also the visa has been secured, you should take care of a flight to LA as early as possible. Flights a few days before the start of the semester can be twice as expensive as a few weeks before. Because of the long flight (the flight takes between 15 and 18 hours depending on the route) you should plan at least 2 days for acclimatization in Los Angeles.

  • Check topschoolsintheusa for more about The David Geffen School of Medicine at University of California Los Angeles.

The summer session is short and starts with lessons and organizational matters on the first day. Once the journey and acclimatization are done, you can look forward to 6 weeks of fun, partying and your chosen courses.

The campus is beautiful, extremely clean and very well maintained. It really offers everything you need as a student. There are various cafes, some fast food restaurants, and two UCLA stores where you can buy university clothing, course books and other study materials.

UCLA offers the most extensive program of summer session courses ever. There can also be major differences in the level of difficulty, which can hardly be recognized beforehand. How difficult the individual course actually is depends on the instructor in each individual case. Basically, however, the degree of difficulty at UCLA is lower than at German universities, so that German students should be able to cope with any course. I took two economics courses myself and passed them with little study effort.

There are various options for accommodation. In the Sproul Hall, a student dormitory opposite the cafeteria, you can choose between 3 or 2-bed rooms. It may seem unusual for German students to share a room with other students, but this is normal in the USA. In this way, you also get to know the first people right at the beginning of the semester. If you don’t want to forego your privacy, you can opt for accommodation in one of the student apartments on campus. 4 students share an apartment with 4 bedrooms and a common living room.

On-campus accommodation also includes a university meal plan. Here you can choose between 15 and 22 meals per week. The meals include an “all you can eat buffet” and are very diverse. From hamburgers to pizza and salads to Asian cuisine and extensive desserts, everything is always there. The 15 meal meal plan is basically sufficient and allows some flexibility if you want to eat outside of university or want to travel over the weekend. It is also important to note here that meals that are not used cannot be used the following week – so they expire from Sunday to Monday. Except for this rule, there is really nothing wrong with the cafeteria.

During your time at UCLA, you should definitely make good use of every free minute. LA alone offers a lot of sights. For those interested in art, the Getty Center deserves a special mention. In addition to various works of art by European artists of the 19th century, J. Paul Getty’s collection also includes photographs by American artists from the 19th and 20th centuries.

There are also various amusement parks, beautiful beaches, bars and clubs. When it comes to recreational activities, there is really nothing to worry about at UCLA. After the summer session, many students take the opportunity to go on various trips. The Grand Canyon is the main attraction here. On the way there you should plan a weekend in Las Vegas. In addition, San Francisco and various national parks are only a few hours away by car.

I had a great time at UCLA and would recommend everyone to go to UCLA for the Summer Session.

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