Symmetries with Nature: Slow Design from The Hand of Susanna Cots in Barcelona

Something that like many is that our House is located in a natural environment with appropriate characteristics to help us live a slow life. The slow design You can connect and communicate the interior of the House with this natural environment or residential well conditioned and that precisely is the backbone of the latest project of Susanna Cots for a house located in the province of Barcelona 220 m2.

May be a forest or a rural or rustic environment that we have around our House, the case is that whatever it is to promote the union with nature and this union can seek a way or another in all and each one of the rooms through symmetries. We started the tour by the corner of reading and outdoor relaxation which connects full housing with the field that surrounds it and that allows you to make the most of the natural environment.

The stone that makes up the chimney, which we can see in the photo above, seeks the balance between the inside and outside through textures and shapes with a material so natural like this, here’s a first symmetry associated with stone. Here the essence of Susanna Cots design is reflected through the play of natural light, order and visual comfort. According to she herself explained:

We have looking for sensations, well-being and functional interior/exterior balance.

Another element that is highlighted as well as the chimney is the staircase that remains in suspension as separate item and it forms a sculptural piece that welcomes you to the inhabitants of the residence. Also returning to the theme of the symmetries, volumes of the staircase are repeating throughout the House in different formats, in the Studio, in the facade or in the suite.

I have loved the almost all-white color with natural wood kitchen, being material and element being in this room in more directly related to nature. Furniture kitchen, including kitchen and dining table, design by Susanna Cots Interior Design. Also in the House you can see details that will be you family because they are from Ikea, Zara Home or Habitat among other well-known firms.

The House has other’s with the living room and kitchen, with five bedrooms and three bathrooms. In the bedroom we can see in the photo above, the union with nature comes directly through the large window that allows you to enjoy the views superb and really relaxing bed.

In the photo above you can see the game of volumes in the suite and an open bulkhead that separates the bedroom from the dressing room and bath area. Decoration is simple and sober, but you know that less is more, and that not by recharging more friendly we will make pleasant, what we get by overloading is usually the opposite.

The bathroom comes with elements of Duravit, Hansgrohe and Marti and both in it and in other areas of the House flooring and finishes Porcelanosa. Precisely in the bathroom, which we can see in the photo above, is soil that establishes connection with nature and the element in which the organic inspiration is most evident.

The truth is that it is a House with a very simple natural charm, in my opinion Susanna Cots has done a great job in it. To my I love everything but if I had to choose a stay I will tell you that I was very in love with the kitchen. And you, what is the area that you like the most?