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According to Western observers, the Russian force in Afghanistan in the early 1980s consisted of approximately 50,000 men and 1,000 tanks. One of the reasons for the arrival of the Russian troops is said to have been to provide military support to the Afghan armed forces, which were engaged in battles with various insurgent Muslim groups, which were opposed to the communist course of the latest Afghan governments. But the Russian forces with the remaining Afghan soldiers failed to break the resistance of the Muslim rebels, who called for a holy war to drive Soviet troops out of Afghanistan. In the course of 1980, 750,000 Afghans fled to Pakistan and 200,000 to Iran. There are 300000-400000 armed insurgents, most of whom have their bases in Afghanistan.  Afghanistan and diplomatic sources believed that as many as 12,000-15,000 political prisoners may still be in custody across the country. It also reported that secret executions of political prisoners continued and that the victims were interred in mass graves. On 21.2.1980, the US Department of Defense estimated the number of Russian troops in Afghanistan at 70,000. The Russian invasion of Afghanistan sparked a Cold War vote between the USSR and the US. LiTT. L.Adamec, Afghanistan’s foreign affairs to the mid-twentieth century: relations with the USSR, Germany and Britain (1974); MS Sarwari, Swiss Tradition und Modernisierung (1975). Check softwareleverage for Afghanistan in 2016.