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According to thembaprograms, Oregon is a state located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It is bordered by Washington to the north, Idaho to the east, California and Nevada to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The state has a total area of 98,381 square miles and is nicknamed “The Beaver State” due to its early settlers’ use of beaver pelts for trade. Its capital city is Salem. Oregon’s climate varies greatly depending on location but generally tends towards a humid subtropical climate with mild summers and cold winters. The average temperature in July is around 75°F while in January it’s around 35°F. Precipitation varies throughout the year but tends to be heaviest from October through April with an average annual snowfall of about 25 inches in most parts of the state. The population of Oregon was estimated at 4,190,713 as of 2018, making it one of the least populous states in America. The largest cities are Portland and Eugene with populations of more than 500,000 each while smaller towns such as Salem and Gresham have populations below 100,000 each. The economy of Oregon relies heavily on technology which includes software development among other industries along with agriculture which includes timber production among other industries found across the state’s many forests. Public schools in Oregon are highly regarded, with the state consistently ranking amongst the highest in the country for education standards. Oregon is home to a variety of public school options, ranging from traditional district schools to charter and alternative schools. The school system is also highly diverse, with students coming from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities. In addition, most public schools in Oregon offer an array of extracurricular activities and support services to help students succeed both academically and socially. Public schools in Oregon are also known for their commitment to sustainability, with many utilizing green initiatives such as composting, recycling programs, and energy-efficient building designs. Check top-engineering-schools for engineering schools in Oregon.