Te Dare to Change Your Own Bath Tiles? Is Easier Than It Seems

If you hate your bathroom tiles because they have old-fashioned and already you don’t like or simply damaged and need a renovation, remove the old tiles and replace them with new ones is much easier and faster than it seems. The hand of Dremel We get the steps necessary for the tiles of the bathroom to have a completely fresh new look.

The materials and tools you need to renew completely the walls of your bathroom, as well as new tiles, are: chisel and hammer, saw and Dremel DSM20 with guide and disk cutting diamond DSM540, separators and adhesive tape for grouting trowel, grout and tile and also a measuring tape, pencil and sandpaper.

  • We started taking off the old tiles with a hammer and a chisel and well by sanding the surface of the wall so that it is smooth or even, if it is necessary, we will Polish the wall. Must bear in mind that we need a completely uniform surface on which tile.
  • Then We measure the dimensions of the wall and tiles to develop a plan for tiles. We are looking for the center of the wall and decide what will be tiled plan from the Center towards the outer edges and corners to obtain tiles cut evenly at each end.
  • To start tiling, make sure remove the lid of the tank if this is embedded in the wall, so that we can tile hole service. We put the tape evenly over the entire wall and then, We put the new tiles with precision with separators tile to ensure that all have the same distance between them.
  • Almost to the end becomes the most complicated part, cut remaining tiles to the edges of the wall, corners, around the hole and the rear of the toilet using the Dremel DSM20 saw and guide edges with the diamond tile blade.
  • We finished placing the cut into the wall tiles According to your design and finish off the task enlechando. When the grout is dry you can screw a toilet roll holder, or even better, place one vacuum so does not have to be drilled.

I confess that my of the sierra gives me a little afraid, although seen as well seems all so easy… In reality the idea of to have new tiles in the bathroom without having to hire a reform and to do so in as few steps as easily, is very appealing, do you dare?