The 5 Most Common Furnishing Mistakes in the Hallway

“It’s just the hallway” – you may be wondering why you should spend energy and money on a room you don’t spend long in anyway. It’s simple: the entrance area has an immediate impact on your mood, of course – every time you enter your home. We will show you how to avoid the 5 most common hallway furnishing mistakes and how to create an entrance area in which every visitor feels welcome and you always feel comfortable. To see decorative lettering, please check proindustrialfans.

Jackets and shoes pile up in many hallways, newspapers and letters pile up, the lighting conditions are similar to those in a darkroom and in everyday life the hallway serves as a lock between the cozy, lovingly furnished rooms of a home. Nowhere do so many furnishing mistakes happen as in the hallway. The hallway is the first room that visitors, friends and family enter. Even short visits, even the postman at the front door or the craftsman for the heating gets to see him. Your hallway becomes the flagship of your home or a kind of personal business card. You should therefore set up your hallway in such a way that order, a feel-good atmosphere and your own style come together here.

1. A hallway without furniture becomes an uncomfortable passageway

X Door open, shoes off, jacket on the hook, bunch of keys somewhere, and off we go into the living room. For the afternoon coffee, cross again briefly and in the evening it goes through the hallway into the bedroom. But wait – the central room of your home has more to offer than just being an airlock. You can avoid most of the furnishing mistakes in the hallway if you stop considering your hallway as a purely functional and impersonal passage room, as if it were a train platform.

The hallway often offers unused space in the form of niches and long walls, which can be used very well: A niche becomes a mini office or offers space for an additional closet – this way you can set up a very narrow hallway yourself and have more space for storage create at home . Or the wall between two room doors can be converted into a family gallery: Such a personal art or picture collection will not only put a smile on your face when you enter. Cuddly pillows on a bench, plants and flowers in tasteful vases and candles in lanterns: stay true to your style in the living room, bedroom and kitchen and transfer the stylistic elements such as decoration, colors and patterns to your hallway! Maybe the cozy Hygge furnishing style suits you? This makes the room appear much more inviting and its existence as a dreary passageway comes to an end.

Furnishing Mistakes in the Hallway

2. Too little storage space in the hallway: Tips for setting up more order

X Are shoes, jackets, bags, umbrellas and even more shoes piling up in a small space and everything is criss-crossed on top of each other? While open storage systems are practical; However, if you fill them to the last gap, the whole thing quickly becomes very chaotic. It is also unfortunate to design the hallway without any furniture and thus give away valuable storage space. Behind this typical furnishing error in the hallway is often the desire to have everything to hand at all times. But there are more elegant solutions that create order at the same time.

If you set up your hallway with these tips, you can easily create order and overview: The perfect furniture for the hallway are high cabinets with doors or cabinet-shelf combinations and sideboards to match the space available. Slim and high or long cabinets are ideal for hose-like corridors. More solid furniture with more depth and robust wood looks good, especially in spacious hallways. A particularly clever solution is to use custom-made furniture set up the hallway so that storage areas are created in niches or at the dead end of a hallway. At the end of the hallway, cabinets with mirrored doors are particularly advantageous because they make the room appear longer. If you don’t have closet space on your hallway floor, think up: With hanging closet elements under the ceiling or custom-made furniture around doors, you can create space to store clothes and much more.

Closed storage systems combine practicality and order: bags, jackets and accessories remain dust-free behind closed doors and yet easily accessible. You can also think of a shoe rule, especially when space is limited: Only a few pairs of shoes for the current season are waiting in the hallway ready to be used at any time, all the rest you can store in the closet, in the basement or in the attic. The same applies to jackets and seasonal accessories such as neckerchiefs, scarves or hats.

3. The most obvious furnishing mistake in the hallway: not enough storage space

X When shoes, jackets and bags have disappeared perfectly into matching closet and shelf solutions, the next problem already arises: where to put the mobile phone, car keys, shopping bags, mail and sunglasses? If there is not enough storage space, things are quickly put down where there is just enough space – and the hallway becomes a junk room. Smaller items in particular, such as keys and mobile phones, also tend to hide well when you urgently need them. This furnishing error in the hallway can cost you a lot of time and nerves.

✓ Thankfully , this hallway decorating mistake is also very easy to fix. With these tips you can set up your hallway so that everything has a fixed place: Put your front door key in a bowl or compartment on a shelf or sideboard. In this way, the key can be quickly put down or grabbed near the front door when coming and going and you don’t have to go looking for a key at the last second. You should also set aside areas for handbags and mail – this way you also avoid having to place these things on the floor, where they can quickly become a tripping hazard. A wide variety of furniture can be used as storage: you deposit everyday things on sideboards and chests of drawers in a very classic way . You can also Use hanging shelves , console tables, or open shelving areas in your closet.

4. No Seat in the Hallway: Tips on how to set things up for more hospitality

X This furnishing error in the hallway usually becomes noticeable when you receive guests. Jacket, bag and souvenirs have found their place after entering; everything is accommodated and the happy evening can begin. But later in the evening it is unpleasantly noticeable: There is no seat to put on shoes. While you may be fit enough to slip into your shoes while standing and tie your laces while kneeling, guests shouldn’t be forced to sit on the floor first or ruin their backs trying to put on their shoes.

✓ Luckily , this furnishing mistake in the hallway is also easy to fix: wooden benches, stools covered with fabric or seating furniture in contrasting colors – you have many options to stay true to your style, especially when it comes to seating. If you have little space for furniture in the hallway and have already planned most of it for your shoes and clothes, it is also a good idea to combine the seating with a storage solution.

5. Too few or wrong light sources

X This setup error in the hallway is the main reason for the “darkroom effect”. Because corridors in apartments are often windowless and rather narrow. There are often windows in houses, but even this light source is usually not sufficient to illuminate the entire corridor area. In the evening at the latest, the natural light source fails anyway and lamps in the hallway become indispensable. A typical furnishing mistake in the hallway is to choose a small ceiling light in the middle or even at the end of the hallway as the only lamp. This creates dim light, creates dark, unlit areas in the corners of the entrance area and the right jacket can only be found by feeling for a long time.

✓ You experience a homely kind of enlightenment by combining different light sources. This helps provide the perfect illumination for the right purpose. A bright ceiling light is suitable for tidying up or cleaning. Smaller and warmer light sources, positioned on the shelves, provide indirect light and give depth to the corridor. You can illuminate the entrance area, mirror and seating area individually. A lantern welcomes every visitor.

Warm wall lights are particularly practical when there is no other storage space for lamps. For long corridors, you should choose the lighting so that the entire length of the room is illuminated. This can be made possible, for example, by LED spotlights or long ceiling lights with adjustable ceiling spotlights. A particularly effective remedy against the “lack of light” furnishing error in the hallway is the use of mirrors: They reflect lamp or daylight and thus illuminate and “enlarge” the hallway. Playful strings of lights around a mirror or door frame can add warmth and coziness. And a small highlight could be lettering as a lamp. You see – with the right lighting concept, the hallway becomes a lot more homely.
If you avoid these five furnishing mistakes in the hallway, you can soon look forward to a cosy, tidy and friendly, bright entrance area in which you always feel welcome.

The 5 Most Common Furnishing Mistakes in the Hallway