The Bed as a Storage Miracle

Typically, you spend about 7-9 hours a day in your bedroom. Here you can relax and recharge your batteries for the next day. The right bed, in which you feel completely comfortable, is all the more important. It should be big – and comfortable. However, such a bed can quickly seem a bit bulky and make the bedroom look smaller. The available floor space is often severely restricted by the size of the room. So where do you put all those extra pillows, bedding and winter clothes? A made-to-measure bed with enough storage space can work wonders in this situation.

Especially with smaller rooms and less living space, it is important to get the maximum amount of storage space in order to guarantee a comfortable sleep in a tidy environment. Things lying around unnecessarily not only look ugly, but also quickly create a restless atmosphere that disturbs your relaxation .

With you don’t have to do without storage space or sleeping comfort. Functional bed drawer pull-outs and bedside tables provide extra space in the bedroom with our models and turn your bed into a real storage miracle. Makeshift boxes on cupboards and under the bed are a thing of the past. With the right bed made to measure, bed linen, extra blankets or the shoe collection are stowed away practically and invisibly.

The Bed as a Storage Miracle

Our Halina, Silea, Stilla, Galene and Manoah models offer various options for creating extra storage space in the bedroom with side bed drawer pull-outs, front bed drawers or integrated bedside tables. Whether you need a single or double bed with storage space, you will find the right bed made to measure here.

Our storage miracle: Halina

The Halina model has plenty of storage space. The two pull-out bed drawers can be configured on the right or left as required. From a mattress width of 160 cm, there are even two pull-out bed drawers on each side of the bed. Your oasis of comfort thus becomes a generous, hidden storage space. You can also configure the frame height of your bed in 5 cm increments between 35 and 50 cm. The coronation: The higher you plan it, the more storage space you get in bed!

Silea model: Sleeping oasis with front bed drawer pull-outs

With the Silea model, you get a continuous, frontal bed drawer pull-out for a mattress width of up to 140 cm. From 160 cm there are even two bed drawer pull-outs at the front for even more storage space. The front mounting of the bed drawer pull-outs is particularly advantageous in slimmer bedrooms: You don’t have to struggle with the space between the bed and the wall, but you can conveniently access the storage space of the bed drawers from the front. It doesn’t matter whether you decide on a double or single bed with storage space, you can always accommodate the Silea model very flexibly in the room and don’t have to worry about the accessibility of the bed drawer pull-outs.

Our single bed with extra storage space: Stilla

Stilla is the perfect bed for guest, youth or children’s rooms. The spacious bed box allows duvets, pillows, toys or other things to quickly disappear from sight. After the weekend visit , the office becomes a think tank again , the children’s room is freed from the disorderly mass of toys in a matter of seconds and the youth room shines in new splendor. The bed box extends over the entire length of the bed and thus offers maximum storage space in a small area.

Double bed with storage space: integrated bedside tables at Galene & Manoah

The Galene & Manoah models offer extra storage space in the form of integrated bedside tables. These offer added convenience: with Galene, books, glasses, lamps and other small items find their place on and in the drawers on the side. So you always have everything quickly to hand. Manoah also offers bedside tables, but in a slightly reduced form as practical storage space. These are also attached to both sides of the bed and keep the evening reading, the alarm clock and much more. These storage beds are the perfect addition to any bedroom. Also see paul wall clocks.

If you are fed up with impractical interim solutions and the chaos of boxes on and next to the wardrobe, and you could use more storage space in the bedroom, configure your made-to-measure bed with extra storage space now .

The Bed as a Storage Miracle