The Controversy Surrounding The Renovation of The Home Field of The Dukes of Cambridge

Comment on Embelezzia about the curious controversy that has been created around the renovation of Anmer Hall, country house that the Dukes of Cambridge they are in Sandrigham, a gift from Queen Elizabeth when his grandson William was thirty years old and which coincided with the announcement that the couple was expecting their first child.

Apparently Kate and William have decided to undertake several improvements to right the State of the property, including, among other things, a new way to reach the House, more trees to beautify it and step to avoid the gaze of the curious or the construction of a new garage with greater capacity than the current. You guess what it has created controversy and raised the indignation of their neighbors?

Indeed, they have also decided to arrange the roof, He was in very bad condition, and so have chosen a Texas which, as we can see in the images, are lively cauldron. A quite vulgar color in the opinion of rancid neighbors, who consider it anything less appropriate for a Georgian of early 19th century House.

We already know how are the English traditional, but really the Dukes not have been able to find nothing to integrate better in the environment?, who has advised them? In the absence of more information and only at the sight of the pictures it seems to me a blunder, and you?