The DIY Comes to The Partitions, The B-Smart by Cosmic Yourself Can Be Installed

At this point we are all more than accustomed to assemble tables, shelves and even some other bed but, and the screens? As well, Bath + by Cosmic presents to market B-smart, a collection of enclosures designed so we install them, the easiest way possible, without the need for drilling holes in the wall. Each enclosure, also includes a practical kit of accessories for personal hygiene utensils.

The collection features of four models of enclosure, to meet different needs: partition walls with sliding door and a fixed segment, fixed shower walk-in, shower frontal with sliding door and fixed segment and a fixed side and, finally, screen angle sliding 2 doors and 2 segments… So we have where choose.

The most common model, the enclosure walls, can be placed following eight easy steps. We can decide to previously If we drill the wall or if we hold the divide with the adhesive strips included in the sides, I would bet the second option that I don’t get very beyond with drill…

The installation of the other three models is also very easy and also not to be missed, there is video tutorials published by Cosmic in his youtube channel.

So, as you can see in the photos, B-smart is a collection intended for facilitate a functional order in the bathroom, therefore included accessories kit is designed to hang on the corner profile designed for this purpose, avoiding making holes to secure them and thus optimizing space shower.

What you think about the idea?