The Former Workshop of a Carpenter Turned in a Contemporary ‘Loft’ in Florence

In Decoesfera we have seen many examples of industrial space transformed into a cosy and comfortable home from a mechanical workshop to an antique store, but we needed to see a former Carpenter’s workshop a become a contemporary loft in Florence.

The peculiarity of this loft, falls to two very unique aspects, the first is that it is not an industrial area, but an old Florentine building located in the heart of the historic area This beautiful city.

The second uniqueness lies in that they decorated the House and divided the space with furniture with more than 300 cases to the Carpenter left in the local, why was baptized the project as Box House.

When the architect Alessandro Capellaro and his partner, Sabrina Bignami, cast a glance at this abandoned space they fell in love him. They decided to buy it and turn it into your home, recycled boxes and added his private collection of minimalist furniture.

The architect Alessandro Capellaro is responsible for this renovation, where furniture recycled with vintage furniture in vivid colors mix, full of unique items. The protagonist is wood, the architectural elements of the building, with its beautiful vaulted ceilings and the colours of lights.

What if got rid of partition walls and small windows to create a single open space with large windows through which light could sneak in every corner of the House.

With boxes made from the most obvious to the most unthinkable, a bookcase to order their books in a study with reusable crates, a bed, a dividing wall, a piece of furniture for the living room, a coffee table, a beautiful island kitchen, among many other furniture, kitchen island is my favorite furniture.

To give a touch of light and joy to a home that was staying sober, masculine and a little monotonous, He added colour through lamps, and a series of minimalist furniture with a touch of psychedelic, typical of the design of the 50’s and 60.

The result is a wonderful eclectic mixture of old and new, a very current trend in decoration, where the history of the space, its architecture, is not compromised in the slightest.

I leave you a video where you can enjoy the space, in addition with comments from the own Alessandro, where us is counting where every piece has got and how defined Eastern particular and beautiful home.

The architect says about the House and its renovation: “this is a House free from conventions and full of memories”. What do you think? I agree completely, you see its history and also enjoy the character of those who live on it.