The Influence of Good Lighting on the Baby Sleeping

The incidence of light is one of the main people responsible indicators of our brain to produce melatonin, the sleep hormone. Therefore, according to the intensity of light decreasing the sleep will arise. Take care of the health of our sleep is very important, especially in the beginning of our lives.

The Influence of Good Lighting on the Baby Sleeping 1

The initial stage of life is one of the most important, because we are in the process of development. So, plan carefully the lighting of the room of the baby is critical to ensure that it has a great night’s sleep.

First of all you should think of the lamp that will be used. The indicated is that the room count with more of a focus of light and how the babies are almost always looking up, the ideal is to work with indirect light. Has a lighting center and pass by the room of light fixtures and lamps with soft lights-lamps at strategic points around the room. Invest in the use of recessed fixtures and add a dimmer to control the intensity of the light. This will make all the difference, since during the day it is recommended that the environment where the baby is found to be well-lit so that he will not have to force the vision at the time of play. Already the night decrease the intensity of the light, in this way, it is not felt to be as hectic, and get into sleep with more ease. In view of this, choose a light fixture dimerizável quality is essential, so invest in SUPERLED DIMERIZÁVEL of Ourolux, they are ideal for environments where you need to have control of the lighting, as in the baby’s room.

The Influence of Good Lighting on the Baby Sleeping 2

The light tone more suitable to this environment are the yellowing. Use the bulbs for this tone in lamps, so when you give that visited the baby room to check if everything is fine or to breastfeed, it will not inhibit the sleep of him. As was mentioned put the lamps in strategic spots, like on the side of the cot and the changer. Remember to keep the bulbs of the lamps away from the reach of the small to avoid accidents. Opt for the use of lamps LED, because they practically do not heat up thus preventing a burn if someone were to touch.

The Influence of Good Lighting on the Baby Sleeping 3

If you choose only by the lighting central install the light fixture in the center of the room and never on top of the cradle, if not the light will be very direct on it and it will bother you.

During the day open all doors and windows, not forgetting about the guards. The circulation of ventilation and entry of sunlight in the environment is healthy and renewed. To control the entry of light install curtains.

Finally, after the baby catch up on sleep during the night don’t be afraid to turn off the lights and leaves you in the dark, because it is important for the health and development of him.