The Mediterranean Living Style

The Mediterranean Living Style


Beautiful landscapes, good cuisine and the lightness of things: This is how we know the Mediterranean region with its popular holiday destinations. A Mediterranean interior is an effective way of bringing the typical Mediterranean enjoyment and holiday relaxation into your own home. In this article you will find out what defines the Mediterranean style of living and how you can easily implement it. To see diverse decorative panels, please check listofledlights.

How the cultural mix in the Mediterranean influences the style of living

Geographically, the Mediterranean region includes the islands in the Mediterranean Sea and the mainland regions close to the coast in southern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Popular European holiday destinations on the Mediterranean include Italy, Spain, Greece, Mallorca and Portugal. The style of living in the Mediterranean region is therefore shaped by the influences of many different cultures.

With the Mediterranean furnishings, colors, lightness and a summery appearance are in the foreground. Natural materials such as rattan, wood and stone are characteristic of the Mediterranean style of living. The floors are usually laid out with parquet or tiled – also in bright mosaic patterns. Dark and natural woods such as olive, pine and walnut are used to make furniture.

In addition to natural materials, warm colors are among the basic elements of the Mediterranean style of living. Paint the walls in white, yellow, brown, orange or terracotta, for example, and choose furniture with patterned and cream-colored fabrics. Warm colors are also popular for curtains and cushions. The Mediterranean living style relies primarily on earth tones. But colors like violet, green or blue are also popular. Green stands for the fruits in the fields and blue for the waves of the sea.

The Mediterranean Living Style

Mediterranean decor with furniture

When choosing suitable furniture, you have several options. On the one hand, heavy, antique furniture is part of the Mediterranean style of living: solid wood furniture with artistic reliefs, heavy dining tables made of dark wood or wrought iron chairs and side tables with curved frames and legs. Glass showcases and heavy chests of drawers also fit into the overall picture.

The Mediterranean style of living appears somewhat softer in combination with the country house style . There are many similarities here, such as the focus on blue and green tones and wooden furniture. In this combination, it can also be light-colored furniture, for example a cream-colored sofa or a large, luxurious bed with a light-colored coverlet. Chairs and armchairs with upholstery in cream or light blue go well with this.

Tip: The furniture should look a bit older or weathered, with worn corners or chipped paint. Shabby chic is a fitting addition to the Mediterranean style of living.

The right decoration for the Mediterranean style of living

The Mediterranean interior also includes atmospheric decoration. Small accessories can make a big impact. How about, for example, candlesticks made of iron, mosaic pictures or earthenware painted with fruits? Clay jugs and wicker chests can also be found in many Mediterranean-style houses. Rattan and basketwork are also typically Mediterranean. Textiles made of linen go well with it, best printed with motifs such as olives or lavender.

The unglazed clay terracotta has been used for centuries for the production of vessels and tiles and should not be missing in the Mediterranean style of living. Marble also has a long tradition in the Mediterranean region. It is used as a material for furniture, paneling and decorative objects.

Tip: With a few fresh herbs such as rosemary or thyme in your kitchen, you spread a pleasant Mediterranean scent throughout the apartment.

The Mediterranean Living Style