The Secrets of a ‘Low Cost’ Rehabilitation from a Housing in El Barrio Gothic of Barcelona with a Result ‘High Class’

This week we saw an example of a rehabilitation to use in a classic apartment in the Eixample district of Barcelona transformed into a cosy wooden loft, with its hydraulic tiles, wooden beams and original woodwork.

Today I show you as do the same, reforming a former home in a contemporary home, but at a very low cost, discover the secrets of a ‘Low Cost’ rehabilitation of an apartment in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona.

Architecture EMBT Studio explains to us that it need not be a blow to the Pocket rehabilitation home. What is important is a good address in work and a careful selection of materials and furniture.

We can find the cheap version of the classics of industrial design, and then we have these wonderful furniture low cost houses which provide economic options with great designs.

With them You can reach spectacular results, and but take a look at this beautiful apartment, differs greatly from this classic floor of Barcelona’s Eixample transformed into a cosy wooden loft, I believe that not.

The study had to rehabilitate an entire building with nine apartments, it is a residential building situated in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona. His main idea was to rescue the original architectural and decorative elements of value using creative resources at the lowest cost.

The first thing was to make a great job of cleaning, for discovering all that value and go discarding the useless, the discovery was possible to achieve optimal results for preserving the essence and personality of the building.

In this way the more canned less you have to spend on materials, new carpentry, nor new floors,… The highlight of dwellings are hydraulic tiles that cover some rooms, vault ceilings, floors and leave remains of the original walls in strategic areas of the apartments.

Instead of PuTTY and whitewash and paint, they leave some old walls at the sight, providing texture and an original touch. Instead of putting natural or synthetic wood parquet, use pine flooring, very beautiful and cheap. Instead of changing a broken old door they put a patch… Next to cheap or furniture design furniture recovered in traces or found, get this result.

All these details are perfect for very contemporary decorative styles of which they speak in three decorative styles for a home hipster, thanks to the work of EMBT, Barcelona Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue study obtained a result, which as we see in the pictures, has been absolutely optimal.