The Sliding Door Wardrobe

With a gentle tap, the door of your sliding door wardrobe floats silently to the side. The surface of the door front, glossy lacquered in your favorite colour, reflects the sunlight. You can find what you are looking for at a glance in the clearly arranged cupboard compartments. A little push and the door silently slides back to lock with a very soft pop. Does this sound like your idea of ​​the perfect closet? Find out how you can easily configure it yourself at!

Floating elegance on rails

Functionality meets aesthetics in a sliding door wardrobe. The doors are fastened in front of the body using a rail system, with the lower rail not being visible. They slide almost silently to the side on rollers. So it seems as if they are floating. This makes the sliding door wardrobe look very elegant. In contrast to this, the doors of the sliding-door wardrobe run in visible guide rails at the top and bottom inside the wardrobe body.

The Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sliding door wardrobe – a versatile all-rounder

Both systems have the advantage of being very space-saving compared to conventional revolving door wardrobes. Since the doors do not protrude into the room when opened, you can also accommodate additional furniture in small rooms. This has particular advantages in the bedroom, where a double bed , small bedside cabinets or a chest of drawers should also be accommodated. Of course, a sliding door wardrobe is also an attractive and practical choice for the narrow hallway, the living room or as a multi-purpose wardrobe in the kitchen.

Made-to-measure sliding door wardrobe in an individual design

With a made-to-measure sliding door wardrobe, you have your own design options and plenty of choice in terms of decor and equipment. Configure it online, exactly fitting for the niche in your apartment or for the long wall that has only been used incompletely so far. Also see rustic and farmhouse wall clocks.

With a sliding door wardrobe from, you can design your own custom-fit, unique piece. Choose from 190 RAL paint colors in matt or glossy, set accents with a mirror front or choose glass fronts in glossy or satin finish. You also have the option of combining all types of surfaces in one piece of furniture. This allows you a particularly individual design that is unique.

Experience the unique ease of use of the Topline XL premium sliding system

The sliding door wardrobes from are equipped with one of the latest and most innovative
sliding systems from the well-known fittings manufacturer Hettich . The TopLine XL sliding system is also suitable for large-format, floor-to-ceiling sliding door wardrobes. The system can be mounted easily and securely while not being visible. It is equipped with dampers that ensure a smooth closing of the doors. Doors in the middle are gently caught from both directions and silently pulled into the final position. The system ensures that the doors run very smoothly and quietly. The rollers remain in motion as good as noiseless even after a long period of non-use.

You can easily adjust the door height from the front, or from the side for floor-to-ceiling cabinets. The overlay of the doors can also be easily adjusted without tools when they are closed.

The advantages of the sliding system at a glance:

  • Easy opening of the doors with just one hand movement
  • Gentle closing thanks to the integrated dampers
  • The doors run more easily and quietly
  • Easy and safe installation of the system and the dampers
  • Easy adjustment of the doors in height and support, without any tools

Diverse design options for your made-to-measure sliding door wardrobe

You can configure your sliding door wardrobe at to a maximum height of 2.53 metres. The maximum possible width is 3.62 meters. From a width of 2.43 meters you have to plan your sliding door wardrobe with three doors. It is advisable to choose a total depth of at least 62 centimeters so that your clothes have tidy and airy space on hangers.

Sliding door wardrobe in white

With wide single-colour doors with a glossy or matt finish and no visible handles, your wardrobe with sliding doors looks very modern and puristic. With a front in white , the cabinet looks a bit in the background and impresses with its simplicity and convenient functionality.

Sliding door wardrobe with fronts in real glass or with a mirror

You can set accents by providing only one of the doors with a mirror front, which makes the room appear larger. Or choose a different colored design stripe on one or all doors. Glass doors are all the rage, whether glossy or satin. They give your sliding door wardrobe a timeless and elegant look. At you can get satined and shiny real glass fronts in snow white, white, magnolia, cashmere or grey.

Lacquered fronts in over 190 colors to match the furnishings

Design your sliding door wardrobe colorful and choose your desired design from over 190 RAL colors in matt or glossy. It doesn’t matter whether your apartment is furnished in warm natural tones or is more colorful and cheerful in the trendy boho style . At you will certainly find the right color for your sliding door wardrobe among the lacquered fronts, which will become a trendy eye-catcher in your home.

Interior design of your sliding door wardrobe according to your wishes

You are free to choose the interior of your sliding door wardrobe. Opt for shelves that you can flexibly attach to the side walls with a spacing of 32 millimeters thanks to the hole pattern. Choose drawers that are equipped with a full extension at or opt for LED interior lighting. With a made-to-measure sliding door wardrobe, you get a storage miracle in which you can also store bulky items such as an ironing board, vacuum cleaner or sports equipment with a well thought-out interior design. When it comes to the wardrobe, all options of our high-quality equipment are available to you on request, starting with the pull-out clothes lift and pull-out tie or belt holders to special shelves for your shoes.

The advantages of your custom-made sliding door wardrobe at a glance:

  • The closet is particularly space-saving thanks to the sliding doors.
  • The doors can be opened almost silently and closed gently thanks to the first-class sliding system.
  • The cupboard can be adapted to the room situation with millimeter precision, even in niches.
  • The interior design of your made-to-measure wardrobe is flexible and can be selected in the highest quality as required.
  • You get an elegant piece of furniture that blends harmoniously into your premises due to the wide range of design options.

The Sliding Door Wardrobe