Themed Rooms: Port for Small Sailors

After seeing how you can “ride a fair” in her room, sure many will not strange that we can transform into a mini port for all those little sailors. Well yes, if the kids in the house or you will love boats, I am sure you like this idea.

The colors should be consistent with the sea, so the blue predominates throughout the room. If you want to give more realism, drawing waves on the wall, or even a seagull flying a ship in the distance. Not to charge both the room with this color, white and red are the perfect complements. Always including flags, candles and sailor stripes.

The key to the room is in bed. Sure children love sleeping in their “own sailing boat”, and acknowledge that if I put in place, I too would have liked that idea.

To complete the decor includes items and accessories that give more realism. Lifeguard hanging on the wall, a telescope and a trunk that also serve to collect clothes or toys, is a “treasure chest”. Rugs, lamps and curtains will do the rest.

Arrrr sailors!