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Parents magazines namely not at all worked on me always about as attractive as the tennis socks trekking sandals. At the thought of wrapping tips and Bevormundungen in the guise of well intentioned advice on me during the pregnancy of the stomach turned – until I discovered NIDO and noted: it’s different. The Nido magazine is my bath Island, something like a mischievous friend who is very wise, but very mischievous, my light at the end of the questions-practice questions tunnel and always calming, inspiring, urgently need less balm for the soul and doubting. In short, this issue would have a shoulder, I would knock him with each new issue on them. Why this is so?

Because the Nido doesn’t show kids as projects, but as a roommate, that’s to love, but not to have promote and-fordern is true, because the content appeals to mothers as fathers who find that their own lives with offspring must come not too short, because the Nido loud thinks and speaks for those who want more from everyday life as a helicopter attitudes and spelt bread. Therefore I am now also a small mini bit envious – we may indeed give full 1 year subscription to you. How you can win?

Win rules

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Tell us here under the articles in commenting (comments on Facebook don’t count unfortunately), why you like to win 1 year subscription of Nido.

And will be drawn tomorrow at 9: 00. We keep all fingers crossed for friends < 3
the winner will be notified by email.

* the profit may be not paid.

You know?

– the „ Nido “ was 2009 test way of the „ neon “ guys founded

– the success was so great that the magazine was already monthly 2010

– the accompanying website is also always a click worth

– and section „ make it yourself “ is one of my favorite

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