Trendy Knitted Decoration for Your Home

Knitting is only for the elderly? Not even close! Not only that this is a trend with tradition – knitwear is also becoming increasingly popular as home decoration. From elegant to playful, everything is included. In this article we will tell you how you can integrate purchased or self-knitted decoration into your living concept. To see high quality textile wallpapers, please check listofledlights.

Knitting: a craft with a long tradition

When exactly knitting came about and who originally invented it is not entirely clear. However, the Arabs were already working with macrame in the 8th century and knitted cushions were already around in the 13th century. In Europe, the craft spread from France.

An exciting trend related to knitted decoration has also emerged in the USA: So-called “guerrilla knitting” is practiced there, in which objects in the city – i.e. in public space – are changed by knitting. The artists knit decorations for trees or signs, for example, which are then visible to all visitors. The knitting is used for embellishment, but sometimes also has a symbolic meaning. Guerrilla knitting originated in Texas, where knitters began embellishing doorknobs with colorful stitches in 2005.

Today you can even buy ready-made knitted decorations – but of course it’s also a lot of fun to design them yourself.

Trendy Knitted Decoration for Your Home

Small knitted decoration ideas for everyday use

Decorative knitting is used for cosiness and fits perfectly with the hygge style , especially in winter . Homemade cozy socks, warm blankets and knitted covers for hot-water bottles or teapots harmonize with each other and create an atmosphere of warm comfort.

But home-knitted decorations are also popular in other seasons. You can get really creative: How about, for example, hand-knitted book covers or coverings for flower vases? The latter idea in particular is very versatile, because the knitted “scarf” can – once mastered – be used for all sorts of round objects, for example pen holders, preserving jars or even lamps.

Those who are more gifted at knitting can incorporate cute creations made of decorative knitwear into everyday life at any time of the day: There are cute bobble hats for eggs for breakfast, knitted covers for fruit bowls, knitted little baskets or “pullers” for hairbrushes or toothbrushes. The often playful decorative ideas made of knitwear harmonize well with the country house style and of course also fit into the children’s room. Even small animals are sold as knitted decorations – for example, funny owls sitting between the flowerpots on the windowsill.

Knitted wall decorations are a bit more complex. In this regard, it is also worth noting macrame decorations, which look elegant and noble. But there are also very colorful knitted wall decorations that imitate the sun, stars or snowflakes. Even picture frames can be knitted.

Knit decoration for furniture

Knit decoration for furniture? Yes, actually: For example, it is advertised as a trend to cover the legs of tables or chairs with narrow knitted scarves. Knitted cushions on the sofa are also back in fashion, and even entire stools can be embellished with knitted decorations. It’s easy to bring some color into your home with hand-knitted deco, and thanks to the variety of wools and yarns, you can perfectly match the colors to your interior.

Trendy Knitted Decoration for Your Home