University of Minnesota Student Review

If you think about doing a semester abroad in the USA , you don’t think of Minneapolis first. No, he doesn’t think of Minneapolis at all, but rather of cities like New York, Los Angeles , Washington, San Francisco, Chicago, or the like. So why not go there instead of a city you don’t know more about than its name? The answer is as short as it is simple: Because it’s worth it. Minneapolis is the classic definition of a real insider tip , because I, too, was extremely unsure beforehand whether I would really be up there in the north, in the second coldest state in the USA after Alaska should go. But I knew from Münster that there couldn’t be much going on in a city with 60,000 students, and since I was lucky enough to have been to most of the other better-known cities, I thought to myself, I would just give it a chance . And in retrospect, I’m so happy to have gone to this university that I would do it again on the spot! I’m 100% sure that I wouldn’t have had a better time in Florida, California , or anywhere else than the state capital of Minnesota.

According to Topmbadirectory, Minneapolis is a modern, clean, and beautiful city that can be compared to a smaller and more manageable Chicago. There is everything your heart desires, from clubs, bars, cinemas, theaters and sports stadiums to restaurants, lakes, waterfalls, forests, good bus and train connections and museums.

For me as a business graduate, the university has offered an extremely good offer, as it maintains one of the most renowned business schools in the country with the Carlson School of Management, where you would practically all of your courses. In classes between 20 and 60 students , highly motivated and first-class professors teach really interesting content and believe me when I say that, because in Münster I go to lectures almost twice a semester, over there it was really fun! And the best? The curve !! The grading system: It looks like that in all exams the mean value of the scores of all students is taken and the grades are then distributed on the basis of this. That means in plain language: If the average score is all 60 out of 100 points and you have 65, then you already have an A and you really have to be at 30 or something in order not to pass, which is very, very difficult. Because due to the compulsory attendance, which can make up to 30% (!!!) of the overall grade (i.e. sit around and collect points), you always stay up to date with the course content. It is exactly the same with intermediate tests, homework, or group work projects … you can already secure a good grade with all sorts of little work and in the end, unlike in Germany, it comes not really looking at the final exam anymore. Failing a course in the USA is really incredibly difficult and I say that as someone who has already had to take one or the other second attempt in Münster …

Another good thing about the university is that you get to know people quickly. In almost all courses there are activities that aim to get in contact with other students, and that is worth a lot as a foreigner without any contacts! In the second week I was lucky enough to meet a young lady who invited me to party and for the next four months I was out with her and her friends every week without exception and believe me, the bars in the pub district Dinkytown ( yes, sounds like an adventure playground and it is) fulfill all your wishes! But there is a small drawback ..: As a rule, the bouncers only accept the passport, where you have your visa and everything in it, and not the German identity card! One or the other now thinks maybe that’s okay, I look old enough. No you do not. It doesn’t matter how long your beard or deep your neckline is, in America everyone is always checked, because the localities get into terrible trouble if they are caught pouring alcohol on minors. I was lucky enough to have really not been allowed in three times, since most of the time the normal ID card was accepted, but I wouldn’t rely on that. In addition, I can only recommend everyone not to seek great contact with other international ones, since you only really do the things that are worthwhile with Americans! Sure, it’s nice if there is someone who speaks German, but they don’t know any more than you where you can get the best beer in town, or where it’s the busiest in the evenings. And speaking of beer: America cannot do anything when it comes to beer, that is common knowledge. But Minneapolis is an exception. With countless private breweries, this city has a really huge range to offer, in which everyone is sure to find something! If you’re not yet 21, academically speaking, I can still warmly recommend the city to you … but if you value partying, go to another country.

You can make new contacts incredibly quickly, because the Americans are really very open (women listen, that only goes to the guys: especially the girls are quite open …), but you shouldn’t rely too much on their promises when making plans … .! Unlike us Germans, the Americans are quite non-binding and say something like “Come on, let’s do something next week!” Often just out of politeness and not at all because they really want to plan something. Then don’t be angry, they are just like that, but take the initiative yourself and try to concretise plans!

On the subject of fraternity parties: Unfortunately, taking part in one of these is incredibly difficult, because you have to know someone in the fraternity to be invited, and that doesn’t happen easily either! Luckily I had three fraternity sisters in my bowling course (yes, you can actually choose bowling as a course and it’s just as awesome as it sounds), but otherwise I haven’t met anyone and joining a fraternity doesn’t do any for four months That makes sense, especially since you are only enslaved there in your first year.

Next life on campus is a real highlight . In this “small” town (almost all 60,000 students) there is everything you need, from bars, restaurants, good bus and train connections, to sports fields as well as the 45,000-man football stadium and shops! Everyone is completely crazy about football and even if it’s not mine, I can only recommend everyone to go to the stadium and let the crowd carry them away!

The supervisors, Leah Brink in the lead, are extremely helpful, take care of your needs and make sure that you lack nothing. They also organize trips and allow you to see a little more of the area.

I could go on forever and talk about all the amazing parties, experiences, acquaintances, trips (it’s a good thing that Minneapolis is very central) and experiences, but since the page is now coming to an end, I tell you with conviction just yourself! Academically and culturally, you won’t be happier anywhere than in the city where I had everything from 30 degrees in September to -31 degrees in December! But hey, this will at least keep the beer cold while you’re having one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life, so wrap up warm and finally submit the application form! 😉

University of Minnesota