Use Rooms of All Sizes Correctly

Use Rooms of All Sizes Correctly


In the furniture catalogues, we often see gigantic, bright rooms with perfectly placed decorations and very little “stuff” lying around. A dream – but not realistic for many of us. If you live in a small apartment, are trying to reconcile order and family, or a mix of styles messes up your interior, then this article will help you. We’ll show you how to use your space properly, regardless of size. To see doormat and clean off mat, please check listofledlights.

Optimal use of space thanks to good planning

Whether you want to rearrange or completely redesign your apartment – good planning will help you to use all the rooms properly. What is particularly important is the question of what purpose each room serves. How often will you stay in each room? Who else uses it? Do you sit, drink, work or relax here? Which pieces of furniture are essential for this?

In the next step, you can first of all let yourself be inspired by other living examples. This will give you a feeling for which living styles and which colors appeal to you. Especially when you are redesigning your apartment or house, you should settle on a clear style and color palette. Color palette means: either use colors from a color family (e.g. different shades of green) or colors that harmonize with each other. Complementary colors can create beautiful contrasts.

The style and the chosen colors are welcome to run through the entire room. Upholstered furniture, curtains and other textiles can also be colour-coordinated with the color of the wall or wallpaper.

Use Rooms of All Sizes Correctly

Using large spaces correctly: uniformity and colours

In large rooms it is important to create a common thread so that everything looks harmonious overall. You can achieve this, for example, by choosing a color family or by choosing a material or pattern that appears consistently throughout the room. For example, if your theme is dark wood, you can create a very aesthetic impression by matching the cabinet , table and sideboard .

In order to use large rooms properly, you should also structure them sensibly. This can be done with the help of room dividers , but different groups of furniture can also divide a large room into a work area, seating area and reading corner.

Dark colors have a reducing effect in large rooms. This is particularly effective if you paint the narrow sides of the room darker and thus “pull them together”. In order to use high rooms properly, it makes sense to think upwards: Can you store things that you don’t use that often on shelves that are high up, or set up a workspace under a loft bed?

Create practical storage space in small rooms

In small rooms, the challenge is usually the order – especially when the family gets together here. However, clutter visually reduces the space even more, so you should definitely create storage space in niches and corners. With custom-made furniture, you can turn even the smallest area into usable space.

Closets also help to use small spaces properly. While open shelves tend to appear chaotic in small rooms, cabinets offer clear, smooth surfaces and thus structure.

You can also achieve a lot with colors. Light colors such as white, light gray or pastel shades are popular in small rooms. White furniture or furniture made of light wood looks neutral, can be easily integrated and looks lighter overall. You can also optically enlarge a small room with mirrors . Adequate lighting is also important, especially in dark corners.

Final tips to use your spaces properly

The Chinese feng shui gives many exciting hints on how we can use and set up large and small rooms correctly. Concrete furnishing tips as well as the shape and placement of the pieces of furniture are given.

Speaking of colours: did you know that different living room colors are assigned special meanings? You can also take this into account when furnishing your apartment. And last but not least, the right light makes a huge difference: we’ll give you a few tips on how to use light to create a feel-good atmosphere in your home .

Use Rooms of All Sizes Correctly