Washington Public Schools by County

In the eighteenth century, the North Pacific coast of the American continent is explored by Europeans to investigate loutre de mar skins. The region is populated by Amerindians (Spokan, Yakima, Chinook).

1790, the British and the Spanish conclude an agreement that authorizes both nations to trade and colonize in the coastal zone that stretches (from south to north) from California to Alaska. In 1792, the Englishman George Vancouver explored the Puget Sound. The American Lewis and Clark expedition (1804-1806) reaches the upper river valley to Columbia and goes down to its mouth. In 1811, John Jacob Astor melts a fur trade counter (Astoria). In 1846 the current border between the United States and Canada is established. Two years late, the region of present-day Washington is joined by Oregon, then the territory of the United States. It is separated in 1853 to form the territory of Washington. This then counts less than four thousand Whites.

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The completion of the Northern Pacific (1886) and Great Northern (1893) railroads favors the economic development of the region it joins when it joined the Union on November 11, 1889, the 42nd American State. Growth is then rapid until World War I. During these years, the population goes from 000 to 1.25 million inhabitants. Wheat cultivation, extensive cattle raising in the east of the state, the production of hardwood and fishing are the main economic activities. Boeing, founded during the First World War, quickly becomes the state’s first private employer. For the middle of the twentieth and century, the construction of gigantic dams on the Columbia River allows to irrigate the soils and massively produce hydroelectric energy, which attracts the aluminum industries. Internal ports develop at the same time as maritime freight traffic.

Here, Washington is a state of the United States. Washington also means George Washington.

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Annie Wright Schools – Tacoma

The Annie Wright School is located in Tacoma, a medium-sized port city in the US state of Washington. Tacoma is divided into different parts of the city and the Annie Wright School is located in North Tacoma. North Tacoma is known for its wealthy residents and safe and beautiful surroundings. Tacoma is a cultured city with many cultural offerings, such as cinema or theater. People interested in sports and nature lovers will also feel at home in Tacoma. There are numerous sporting events and the many beautifully landscaped parks invite you to be active.

The Annie Wright School was founded in 1884 and is a pure girls’ school from the ninth grade. In addition to the many subjects offered, the IB degree is also offered, so that universities worldwide are open to students at the Annie Wright School. The students are very well prepared for future college life, but also for the upcoming exams, so that many excellent school results can be achieved. The classes at the Annie Wright School are kept quite small, so each student can be looked after individually. The professionally trained teachers encourage and support their students to live out their uniqueness, because being different is positively received at the Annie Wright School.

Both boarding school students and day school students attend the Annie Wright private school. When international students choose to live in a boarding school, they get their own room by living out their privacy. The students at the school come from all over the world, so that there is an international atmosphere and a language and culture exchange takes place. In addition, mutual respect and tolerance towards classmates is shaped here. Every student is warmly received at the Annie Wright School and quickly integrated into the honest school community.

Visiting Annie Wright School is a unique experience. At school you not only pursue academic goals, but the students also learn “for life”. Motivated, independent, cultivated and friendly people make it easy to feel comfortable at school. The teachers want to teach their students that you can can enjoy learning so that there is a fun, lovable and pleasant atmosphere. Many experiences show that young and strong women grew up from the former girls.

Universities in Washington

University of Washington
The state University of Washington was founded in 1861 and is now the university for around 40,000 students. It is the largest university in the Pacific Northwest. It has an excellent reputation and is considered one of the best state universities, so it is a so-called public ivy. The University of Washington is spread over several locations. There is a campus in Seattle, Tacoma and one in Bothell. The University of Washington is a member of the Association of American Universities, an association of research-intensive North American universities. To date, the university has produced 4 Nobel Prize winners and other prominent graduates, such as Bruce Lee.

Contact www.washington.edu

Seattle Pacific University
The private Seattle Pacific University was founded in 1891. The university campus covers an area of ​​approximately 17 hectares and 3,000 students are currently studying at the university. So the university is more of a small university and that’s not a bad thing. The average size of the “classes” with 22 participants is very good. Something many German students dream of. The university is more Christian.

Contact www.spu.edu

Washington State University
Washington State University was founded in 1890 and is now the university for around 25,000 students. It has an excellent reputation in the pharmaceutical, veterinary, engineering and communication sciences. Washington State University is spread over several locations. There is a campus in Pullman, this is the largest campus in Vancouver and one in Richland. Washington State University has produced many prominent graduates, including Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft.

Contact www.wsu.edu

Central Washington University in Ellensburg
The state-run Central Washington University was founded in 1891 and is now the university for around 10,000 students. Central Washington University enjoys a special reputation in the field of chimpanzee research. The fact that the university is based in Ellensburg today is due to the fact that Ellensburg was defeated in the decision for the capital of the state and the Central Washington University was awarded as compensation.

Contact www.cwu.edu

Eastern Washington University in Cheney
The state-owned Eastern Washington University y was founded in 1892 and is now the university for around 10,000 students. The university also houses special research institutes such as the Fisheries Research Center. Eastern Washington University still has a second seat in Spokane.

Contact www.ewu.edu

Western Washington University in Bellingham
The state-run Western Washington University was founded in 1893 and is now the university for approx. 13,000 students. Western Washington University enjoys a special reputation in the field of automotive design. Western Washington University has won an award for its sculpture collection that is spread across the campus.

Contact www.wwu.edu

Public Schools in Washington by County

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  • Washington Lewis County Public Schools
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  • Washington Mason County Public Schools
  • Washington Okanogan County Public Schools
  • Washington Pacific County Public Schools
  • Washington Pend Oreille County Public Schools
  • Washington Pierce County Public Schools
  • Washington San Juan County Public Schools
  • Washington Skagit County Public Schools
  • Washington Skamania County Public Schools
  • Washington Snohomish County Public Schools
  • Washington Spokane County Public Schools
  • Washington Stevens County Public Schools
  • Washington Thurston County Public Schools
  • Washington Wahkiakum County Public Schools
  • Washington Walla Walla County Public Schools
  • Washington Whatcom County Public Schools
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