What Cabinets Suit Your Home?

Your own home not only reflects your personal style, but also your life situation. From the modest first apartment, to trendy old building and loft apartments to the spacious family home, your four walls speak volumes about you and where you are in life right now. Custom-made cupboards help you to be perfectly furnished in every living situation. In our guide you will find out which cabinets fit best in your home. To see decorative letters and lettering, please check proindustrialfans.

No space to give away: cupboards for small apartments

Whether you have just moved into your first apartment or are living as a single person for which you do not need a lot of space: everyone starts small – including your home. Lack of space does not have to be an obstacle, because there are a number of cabinet types that get the most storage space out of your home. You can easily expand this gradually with more furniture in your style, because the design in the online configurator is entirely in your hands.

Niche cabinets:

Plan a closet that fits seamlessly into an alcove while forming a straight line with the wall. The size of the niche does not matter, as you can determine the dimensions of the niche cabinet yourself to the millimeter. Our free measuring instructions will help you to determine the optimal dimensions. In this way you make the best possible use of the available space.

What Cabinets Suit Your Home

Sliding and sliding door wardrobes:

A closet with sliding or sliding doors has the advantage that the doors open along the closet instead of protruding into the room. This makes this type of cabinet particularly practical for hallways and other narrow spaces. You will find two models, the sliding -door wardrobes Basic Mini and Basic Maxi, which you can equip with two to eight doors. As a result, the closet can be planned very narrow or very low, which means that even small rooms do not appear overloaded.

Pro tip: For small apartments, design closets with bright decors and mirrors. This makes the space appear larger.

Cupboards for large apartments: Custom design freedom

If you live in a large apartment, you don’t have to worry about a lack of space. The challenge here is rather to make the large rooms look cosy, rather than bare. At the same time, you want to use the available space sensibly instead of just scattering your belongings chaotically around the apartment. There are two different furnishing principles that can be considered: “Think big” or “Planning with a system”.

wall units:

When you think of a classic wall unit, you might first think of a solid, robust piece of furniture that almost threatens to overwhelm the room. But individually configurable cabinets have left this old-fashioned definition behind. In our online planner you have the opportunity to design a wall unit that looks dynamic and even airy. For example, plan the elements of the closet in different heights, widths and depths, which will bring a certain dynamic to the design. Alternate open and closed elements or even use glass fronts that bring a pinch of lightness into play.

closet systems:

Speaking of dynamics! If you want to deviate even further from the wall unit look, it makes sense to put together a storage space system from several cupboards. You are certainly familiar with this principle from walk-in closets, but it can also be applied to other room situations. If you would like to set up a quiet corner for reading and relaxing in your large living room, for example, a cupboard system consisting of a corner cupboard and an open cupboard is ideal . Open cabinets can, similar to shelves, serve as a room divider. To do this, place them in such a way that they opaquely separate your quiet zone from the rest of the room. For stability, open cupboards and shelves should be attached to the side of the wall or to the top of the ceiling.

Living with charm: cupboards for apartments in old buildings

Apartments in old buildings exude a very special charm with their high ceilings, bay windows, wooden floorboards and stucco. Due to their peculiarities, they bring with them challenges that residents of new buildings are not used to. With the following cupboards you can skillfully furnish your old apartment.

High cabinets & top cabinets:

In old buildings, ceiling heights of three to four meters are standard. But this storage space needs to be used first. Cabinets can be configured up to a height of 2.75 meters. If you want to go even higher, you can use a top cabinet . This is available from us with two or three doors and in various decors. Place it directly on your made-to-measure wardrobe and create floor-to-ceiling space for your belongings. But be careful: Leave enough space to the ceiling so that the beautiful stucco can still be seen.

Low corner cabinets:

Many old buildings have bay windows. The covered porch on the facade of the house is often equipped with windows. You should not obstruct this with furniture. Depending on the section of the bay window, however, it makes sense to place low corner cabinets below the windows. This is how you create storage space that is adapted to the special features of the old building.

Cabinets for your home in the loft: industrial flair at home

Loft apartments are mostly converted warehouses or industrial buildings. For several years, these exclusive apartments have been particularly popular with singles and couples in the big city. Loft living is not exactly cheap in terms of rent, but with stylish furnishings it is worth every penny. How to set up your home optimally:

Industrial style cabinets:

The linear, no-frills industrial chic is characterized by a certain spatial coolness and is therefore perfect for furnishing your stylish loft. Wall units with super-matt lacquered fronts in gray or black go well with this, as do dark wood decors or veneers such as oak beams. Whether you choose a sturdy wall unit or a system of straight and corner units – you can never go wrong with your loft with the industrial charm.

Cabinets for maisonettes or the attic

Maisonette or attic apartments have one thing in common: slopes. While in the latter these are located directly under the roof, in the duplex apartment they are often found under the staircase that is the link of the multi-storey home. The perfect type of cabinet for these room situations is therefore a…

Closet with slope:

Whether under the stairs or under the roof – cupboards with slopes are an asset to your home. It doesn’t matter whether the incline is on the right, left or at the back: everything is possible in our online planner. In addition to the height, width and depth, you also determine the height of the knee wall and how many wardrobe elements should be built at an angle.

Pro tip: You can plan a cupboard with a stepped incline by configuring cupboard elements with height offsets.

Versatility is in demand: cupboards for the family home

If you belong to the householder or homeowner category, you have plenty of living space to fill. This includes a large number of rooms that differ in function, size and layout. It’s a good thing that made-to-measure cabinets can be used in a wide variety of ways and meet a wide variety of needs.

Walk-in wardrobe:

Depending on the size of your home, you have the opportunity to fulfill your dream of a dressing room. Plan a closet system made up of open and closed closets and corner closets. Equip them according to your needs with shelves, drawers, clothes rails, shoe shelves or even a clothes lift. If you want to set up a walk-in closet in your bedroom, you can use a sliding door to separate a separate area for this.

Basement cupboards & multi-purpose cupboards:

As a resident of a single-family home, you probably have your own basement and storage room or pantry. These are rarely spacious and often have unusual dimensions. So that you can store cleaning utensils, groceries, tools and other belongings neatly and safely, we recommend buying custom-made basement and multi-purpose cupboards . These do not necessarily have to be conspicuous, because the focus here is on practicality. Plan the furniture exactly in the required dimensions and equip it so that your belongings fit exactly there.

Closets for the attic:

Does your house have an attic that you would like to turn into usable living space? Then sloping ceiling cupboards are the right choice for you. Whether with a side slope or as a jamb cabinet with a slope at the back – in the online planner you can design your new furniture so that it fits perfectly. Corner cabinets can also be configured with a slope and combined with straight cabinets. For example, a dressing room, a bedroom or a youth room can be created directly under the roof.

What Cabinets Suit Your Home