What is a vlog?

According to nonprofitdictionary.com, a vlog is a special version of a blog and is made up of the terms “video” and “blog”. Here the vloggers do not prepare their content in writing, but as videos. Vlogs are becoming more and more popular, especially with young people, and are now very successful.


Since the founding of the world’s largest online video platform YouTube in 2005, vlogging has become increasingly popular. This resulted in vlogs and communities dealing with special topics such as fashion, beauty and travel. The vloggers achieve high access numbers and are now partly known worldwide. In the meantime, an industry of its own has developed, so that vloggers enter into cooperation with companies or set up their own companies and market their products.

Functionality and implementation of a vlog

Basically, the way a vlog works is similar to that of a normal blog, but the difference is in the type of content published. In contrast to the blog, in a vlog no written content is published, but self-created videos. Anyone can run a vlog as long as they have a video camera, an editing program and internet access. When vloggers have a certain audience size and a minimum number of video views, they can join affiliate programs and monetize their videos with ads.

Before the implementation, the vlogger should choose an interesting topic that is relevant for the target group. The content should be authentic and unique, otherwise the target group will quickly lose interest. Platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, which are used by different groups, are suitable for an account. Therefore, vloggers should first think about the target group they want to address with their content. For a successful vlog, both content with added value and the regular publication of new content are necessary. The more interesting the content, the greater the reach. The videos should be published at short intervals, as viewers prefer online content at regular intervals. Viewers can also subscribe to this channel and receive notifications as soon as new videos are uploaded.

Vlog: benefits for entrepreneurs

Due to their wide reach and popularity, vlogs have become an important part of the marketing strategy in many companies. Because in addition to the availability of this young target group, vlogs enable targeted addressing and reaction to audience comments – also in the form of videos. Companies can either work with a successful vlogger or develop their own vlog. A vlog offers numerous possibilities for the production and presentation of content. For example, vloggers can deal with the topic of cooking / baking or gaming, so that they can publish recipes with the respective branded product or the latest games, among other things. This way, companies can increase both their brand awareness as well as increase their sales.

Targets of vlogs

Various factors are decisive for a successful vlog:

  • High quality content
    Vloggers should offer content with added value. In addition to interesting topics, relevant information about a product or service should also be presented.
  • Communication
    Responding to audience comments is critical to success. Because viewers expect a reaction from the vlogger to their questions or comments.
  • Quality
    Both the content and the sound should be of high and consistent quality. A professional video has a huge impact on acceptance and viewership.
  • Video length
    Successful vloggers rely on short and informative videos that get straight to the point without an introduction.

Vlog and online marketing

Cooperation with successful vloggers is an effective sub- strategy in the content area for companies. This is particularly useful when a young target group is to be addressed. Because younger target groups mainly use social media channels and video platforms to obtain information. Through the authenticity and credibility of vloggers, companies can increase their brand awareness with a cooperation, as they have a great influence on their followers. In addition, this communication channel also reaches those target groups that are difficult to access for traditional media.

What is a vlog