What is unique content?

If you are looking for a unique content definition, you only need to look up an English dictionary and read there: Unique content means unique content. This is exactly what defines Unique Content: uniqueness, individuality and quality – all characteristics that should characterize a good text on a website. Anyone who publishes irrelevant content on their homepage not only risks bored readers and a high bounce rate, but even penalties from search engines like Google. In the following lexicon article, we explain what you should pay attention to when it comes to unique content.

Algorithms at Google

In order to generate better SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for the user, Google is constantly working on the

Improve the quality of search engine results. Google does this using a special algorithm

men. At least since the Panda update from Google, the relevance of good content and the requirements for a good text have risen sharply. Who does not move here or

even operates content-free sites, which is threatened with a downgrade in terms of ranking. In the worst case, there is even a risk of a penalty, i.e. a penalty on the part of Google, if you offer the user little or no added value. Because plagiarism, also known as duplicate content, threatens to remove the content from the search engine’s indexing. In addition, si

ch a too high proportion of advertising or affiliate links on a page have a negative effect.

Added value for the user: unique content

With its constant improvements, Google tries to offer the user relevant links and thus relevant content. The days of wild keyword stuffing are long gone:

While webmasters used to want to improve their ranking with a not exactly user-friendly but search engine-friendly text creation through a high keyword density, nowadays content-related added value counts for the user. Textual craftsmanship is required:

Unique content satisfies a need, answers questions and provides information.

A reader-friendly page guidance, content-related images or even audiovisual content frame the uniqueness of your page content.

Google bots are becoming more and more sophisticated in recognizing text content using constantly updated algorithms. It is therefore particularly important to offer high-quality content on your own site that is search engine optimized and offers the user exactly the information that is relevant to him.

So if you add little, double or no content on your site, you risk bad SERPs or, as already mentioned, a penalty.

Unique content as a marketing tool

Of course, webmasters should not only provide good content for fear of being punished, but should also realize that unique content can be of great benefit not only for the visitor, but also for the domain owner himself. You can…

  • more Tr affic generate
  • Retaining customers
  • build a community.

According to definitionexplorer.com, unique content is even crucial for product descriptions. We therefore advise entrepreneurs who run an online shop not to simply copy the manufacturer’s product texts. Because in this case too, copied content worsens the ranking and duplicate content is deleted from the index.

With unique content you not only generate a top ranking, but you can also build trust and sympathy with the user. This is how you can increase your conversions in the long term.

How do I generate unique content?

A webmaster can commission a professional online marketing agency to write texts with unique content for the homepage or to take up pen himself. The advantage of hiring an agency is that there are professionals at work. They can not only create unique content, but also write the texts effectively with regard to SEO criteria, i.e. with regard to search engine optimization.

In most cases you can see a significant improvement in the ranking of websites if webmasters take care of enough unique content on their site. At this point it is worth investing in high-quality editorial work. Because not only the Google bot wants to read relevant content, but above all the website visitor. In any case, it is important to write legible, appealing SEO text. He should inform the user, in the best case even entertain them and take them by the hand when visiting a website.

What is unique content