What is White Hat SEO?

According to bittranslators.com, White Hat SEO is a kind of search engine optimization, in which the quality guidelines of Google are met. Accordingly, it is legally harmless and ethically correct. In contrast to this are Gray Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. The names of these methods are based on the juxtaposition of good and bad in classic western films.

White Hat SEO measures

Which measures are possible in the context of white hat SEO? In content optimization, the focus is on content with added value instead of so-called “thin content”, in which keyword stuffing was also carried out, i.e. in which keywords were used excessively. In addition, extensive keyword research and the use of keywords in all areas of the website are particularly relevant for white hat SEO.

OffPage does not involve any unnatural link building in the context of White Hat SEO. Instead, social media strategies are used, for example, to support natural link building.

OnPage there is a lot of optimization potential in white hat SEO. OnPage experts deal, for example, with the meta information and ensure that the meta title and meta description are unique. They also optimize page navigation, ensure a meaningful URL structure and improve internal linking. User signals such as the length of stay, the click through rate (CTR) and the bounce rate play a role in OnPage optimization.

The benefits of white hat SEO

White Hat SEO is above all legally safe and ethically justifiable for website operators, since White Hat SEO does not violate any Google guidelines. If this type of search engine optimization is done correctly, Google is unlikely to find reasons for a penalty. This is also a cost factor, because Google penalties are usually associated with lost sales.

However, costs can not only be saved by avoiding lost sales. The fact that no punished misconduct has to be reversed also saves costs. Removing spam links, for example, would be very time-consuming.

All in all, white hat SEO is viewed as positive and trustworthy by internet users. In addition, the rankings achieved through White Hat SEO are more stable and long-term than others.

The disadvantages of white hat SEO

The disadvantage that you accept with white hat SEO is the limited room for maneuver. A lot can be achieved on-page, but hardly any measures are possible in the off-page area without at least slipping into the area of ​​gray hat SEO.

Another problem is competition. If the direct competition uses Black Hat SEO to optimize the website, it is difficult or almost impossible to overtake them with White Hat SEO measures. However, this also has an advantage. If the competition is punished, it will be much more difficult for them to make up for the lost rankings if a clean white hat SEO page slips up.

The cost of white hat SEO is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Initially, the costs for white hat SEO are high, as the measures are very time-consuming and complex. But in the long term, the investment is worthwhile, as it avoids penalties and the associated loss of sales.

White Hat and Search Engine Optimization

If you look at the guidelines for webmasters from Google, it becomes clear why white hat SEO is the only way to consistently exist in the rankings. Because in the end, websites are created for users and not for search engines. Users must not be deceived and the measures that are used should not only serve search engine optimization. Instead, the quality and originality of content should be decisive for the success of a website. Accordingly, good positions are not only an effect of the popularity of websites among users, but simply a matter of patience.

What is White Hat SEO