What is WildsauSEO?

WildsauSEO: Why SEOs are now building pages on this term

On the occasion of the SEO Day 2019 there is also an SEO contest this year. SEOs can show what they can do for the fictitious keyword “ WildsauSEO ” and unpack all optimization tricks. Those who rank at the top for the keyword “WildsauSEO” at the end of the contest can look forward to great prizes and of course recognition from the SEO scene.

UPDATE – 2021 new year, new SEO contest!

Contenbär – the keyword for the SEO Contest 2021 has been set! Again we face the challenge and are excited about the result!

UPDATE – a new SEO contest in 2020!

In 2020 we are also looking forward to new challenges and look forward to the next challenge! SEO-Vergleich.de starts a new SEO-Contest 2020 in 2020, this time for the keyword SandstrandSEO.

But why of all places WildsauSEO?

The basis for such a competition is of course the same prerequisites for everyone: A fantasy term like WildsauSEO is therefore ideal here, because every participant starts from scratch. It also makes the entire competition more interesting, after all, the term WildsauSEO creates a different picture for everyone.

Does the wild pig refer to the reputation of some SEOs who rummage through the rankings without regard to rules and behavior? Keyword buying links, spam or blackhat. After all, there are no rules for the contest either. Each participant can behave like a wild boar.

The current status: Has the WildsauSEO been tracked down yet?

What are the rules for the WildsauSEO contest?

As in previous years, the only rule applies: There are no rules. So it can behave like a wild boar.

  • The domain doesn’t matter (and of course someone has already secured the right domains for WildsauSEO)
  • There are no restrictions on backlinks
  • Content can be created in any form and scope (keyword text length and ranking influence)
  • Everyone can send as much traffic to their own link as they want

The WildsauSEO Contest runs until November 7th, 2019. The winner will then be announced at the SEO Day 2019 in Cologne.

What does the WildsauSEO winner get?

First of all, the winner can of course feel like a real SEO wild boar. In addition, those responsible for SEO-Day will also offer prizes for the first four places. Anyone who is found at the top of Google for the term WildsauSEO at the end of the period will receive:

  • 1st place: Iphone + Sistrix 3 month license incl.Training day + SEO-DAY ticket 2020 + ExpertDay ticket 2019 on the day after SEO-DAY + optional speaker slot SEO-DAY 2020 (how we won the contest in 2019)
  • 2nd place: SEO-DAY 2020 ticket + 6 months Shopdoc license + 12 months Seobility Premium + 6 months XOVI Suite
  • 3rd place: SEO-DAY 2020 ticket + 6 months Seobility Premium + 1 SEO seminar in the XOVI Academy with Felix Beilharz
  • 4th place: A knife set

The WildsauSEO Contest is organized by the SEO Day Team. SISTRIX, Deutsche Startups and BVDW act as partners. SISTRIX also updates the rankings every 60 minutes.

Why should you take part in the WildsauSEO Contest?

First and foremost, the WildsauSEO Contest should of course be fun. Building a keyword from scratch and having a completely free hand is the perfect opportunity to try out new and old strategies. In addition, each participant can follow live how the competition approaches such a task. It is therefore not necessarily about winning, but also about the learning effect. As an SEO, you can check basic questions here, for example how long does SEO take? It would also be interesting how important similar terms, such as wilde Sau, Wildesauseo, Wild-Sauseo or wild SEOsau, are in the relevant content. Search engine optimization is a process that is constantly evolving as Google is constantly making changes.

Too lazy to read? Our podcast for the WildsauSEO contest

What can you do to finish at the top of the competition?

An important pillar of search engine optimization is of course the optimization of the actual content. With the help of various tools, you can check exactly which terms appear relevant to Google and then, if possible, incorporate them sensibly into the text. For the keyword WildsauSEO these are according to TF-IDF:

  • Wildsauseo (Who would have thought?)
  • SEO
  • Contest
  • Wild boar
  • day
  • Keyword
  • Search engine optimization
  • Cologne
  • competition
  • Sistrix
  • Ranking
  • Google
  • Search engine optimizer
  • Backlinks
  • optimization

Anyone who has included these terms on their page is thematically relevant for Google. Of course, the respective terms change again and again, as all pages in the top 20 are continuously updated during the competition. If you want to check what the ranking looks like at the moment, you can simply click our link and get directly to the Google search query for WildsauSEO.

Of course, in addition to the text, you shouldn’t forget other elements, such as images or videos, in order to end up at the top of a certain term on Google. That is exactly why we made a video of our hunt for the WildsauSEO and addressed this topic in our podcast, so listen or have a look. The Contents also offers a great opportunity to observe the importance of image SEO for Google (still).

The suggest terms that Google displays for this keyword are also helpful here. Obviously, these keywords are relevant for Google and therefore search engine optimization.

What is the WildsauSEO Contest?

The WildsauSEO Contest is a competition for SEO experts. A keyword is determined once a year, for 2019 it is “WildsauSEO”. Whoever ranks at the top for the keyword WildsauSEO wins the contest.

What does the WildsauSEO Contest cost?

It is absolutely free, there is no entry fee and no official registration. Everyone who feels like it and wants to win great things should definitely take part in the SEO Contest. In 2019 you have to optimize the word “WildsauSEO”.

What does the WildsauSEO eat?

The WildsauSEO feeds on keywords, ranking positions and good descriptions. The SEO experts still have to feed them in the right order and in the right volume, and the WildsauSEO becomes big and strong and continues to climb the Google staircase.

Where does the WildsauSEO live?

The WildsauSEO lives in the offices of the SEO experts. It is fed and maintained by SEOs. Each of the SEO experts is trying to breed the thickest and biggest WildsauSEO.

When and where is the award ceremony of the WildsauSEO Contest?

The award ceremony of the WildsauSEO Contest is on November 7th, 2019 on the SEO-DAY in the RheinEnergieStadion Cologne. So you have until the beginning of November 2019 to take part in the SEO Contest 2019 with the keyword “WildesauSEO”.

How old is the WildsauSEO?

Unfortunately, the WildsauSEO is not getting very old, she was born on September 5th, 2019 and will be buried again on November 7th, 2019. The WildsauSEO is a little more than 2 months old.

Where does the WildsauSEO’s funeral take place?

The WildsauSEO will be buried in Cologne on November 7th, 2019 on the SEO Day 2019. The SEOs who have chosen the WildsauSEO the most and are ranked first on Google will receive a legacy.

What is the legacy of the WildsauSEO?

The inheritance distribution of the WildsauSEO is as follows:

(Place / price)

  1. Iphone + Sistrix 3-month license including training day + SEO-DAY ticket 2020 + ExpertDay ticket 2019 on the day after the SEO-DAY + optional speaker slot
  2. SEO-DAY 2020 ticket + 6
    months Shopdoc license + 12 months Seobility Premium + 6 months XOVI Suite
  3. SEO-DAY 2020 ticket + 6 months Seobility Premium +
    1 SEO seminar in the XOVI Academy with Felix Beilharz

Our secret: This is how we made it to the top at WildsauSEO

In addition to all the SEO measures that we have already mentioned above (BilderSEO, relevant content and regular updates), there is a small but nice special tip. This actually brought us significantly higher. It can be implemented quickly and easily. Theoretically, every other SEO could have done it as well. Now the contest is in the final sprint and we don’t want to withhold our insider tip from you any longer! We won’t get rid of the lead anytime soon.

  • Everyone is looking for the WildsauSEO

We also! In the form of real job offers. Apparently no one has thought of that before. With many relevant backlinks from job portals and our careers page, we have pushed the ranking from another page. So the simple trick is: links from job portals and a job posting for a real SEO wild boar.

Now you know! The mud fight can go on – we’ll see who’s the biggest wild boar in SEO.

The winner of the WildsauSEO-Contest 2019: Update 7.11.19

Congratulations Sumax! Even if it got exciting again at the end and there was a change in leadership in the last lap, the SEO kitchen has to be satisfied with second place. Although there has been little movement in the top 3 recently, the gap in the end was probably closer than expected. Maybe a backlink or a few additional keywords made the small but subtle difference?

Now it’s time for all participants in the analysis: Who used which strategies? What can we learn from this for our day-to-day work with customers? Who is slowly dreaming of the WildsauSEO? Is there any wild boar steak anywhere now?

The competition is over – too early? Update 11/13/19

Almost a week has passed and we are still evaluating the data. The short shift at the top shortly before the end of the contest gave rise to the assumption that we only just landed on number two. In the meantime, there was also a long-term change in leadership. Does this mean that our measures were more likely to be sustainable?