Christmas Decoration

Which Christmas Decoration Suits Your Style of Living?


For many people, decorating the Christmas tree and home is a ritual that has a permanent place in their diaries. You quickly succumb to the temptation to dig out the same box with the same decorative materials every year – whether they even match the furnishings and your own style is often a minor matter. But there is another way! Find out how to perfectly match the Christmas decorations to your style of living. To see nature and relaxation within your own four walls, please check proindustrialfans.

If you want to bring winter magic into your own four walls, you should start a few weeks before Christmas Eve. Not only because many Christmas items are already sold out in mid-December, but also because attention to detail cannot arise from stress. First of all, take a look around your home: which style would you assign your furnishings to? Which objects and furniture do you particularly like at home? Which colors, shapes and materials do you feel really comfortable with? Once these questions have been answered and you have a general direction in mind, you can start getting (or crafting) your Christmas decorations.

Country-style Christmas decorations: Classic and cosy

For you, Christmas primarily means cosiness. While the wind and weather are raging outside, you prefer to snuggle up in front of the fireplace at home or on the soft fabric cover of your sofa . Your apartment is characterized by natural wood tones, whether in the form of a large wall unit , an inviting dining table or a pretty parquet floor. Carpets, tablecloths and cushions – also with floral patterns – are simply part of it for you.

In order to take up this nature -loving country house feeling in your Christmas decorations, you should rely on lovingly designed classics: red glass balls, pine cones as well as bows and ornaments made of fabric are the perfect choice for your Christmas tree. Fairy lights made of natural rope bring shine to your home without appearing garish or artificial. Decorate your sideboard or chest of drawers with small wooden figures, such as fir trees or reindeer. Twigs, pine cones or other souvenirs from your last winter walk also make excellent country-style Christmas decorations.

Christmas Decoration

You need this for the Christmas country house decoration:

  • Red Christmas
  • baubles
  • Cloth pendants and bows
  • Pendants with natural motifs, eg mushrooms or apples
  • Lanterns or mason jars with tea lights
  • Fairy lights made of natural rope
  • Wintry wooden figures
  • Natural materials, eg twigs or pine cones

Industrial style meets winter magic: cool, modern and straightforward

Industrial chic is straightforward, no frills, simple but modern – or to sum it up: pretty cool. This makes it a wonderful decoration inspiration for the cold season. Even if the industrial charm with its muted, matt colors does not appear Christmassy at first glance, it can be used to set some stylish accents on the festive season. With silver Christmas baubles, you pick up on the metallic effects that are so popular in the industrial style. Ornaments such as pine cones or stars are also suitable if they have silver details.

Instead of the classic chain of lights, you can hang neon lights on the wall above the sofa – with a Christmas motif, of course. Do you have furniture with dark wood decor, matt plain decor or gray lacquered surfaces? Then decorative elements such as metallic tealight holders and glass figures, which you place on a hanging shelf or living room cupboard, bring subtle lighting effects into play. A silver or gray candlestick on the coffee table also suits this style of living and the season.

This is what you need for Christmas decorations with an industrial look:

  • Silver Christmas tree balls, glossy and/or matt
  • Pendants, eg stars, with metallic effect
  • Neon lights with Christmas
  • motif
  • Tealight holders and candlesticks in grey, silver or metallic
  • Wintry glass figures

Boho Christmas decorations: Anything that catches the eye is allowed

If you love the boho style, you should also focus on a mix of styles and individuality during the Christmas season. The furnishing look for modern hippies is characterized by a deliberately imperfect combination of colors and shapes. Natural materials and neutral tones meet a bright play of colors – for example with a chest of drawers in white and water blue. You shouldn’t be too subtle with the Christmas decorations, otherwise they will be lost in the motley variety of your interior.

Opulent and a bit nostalgic: With golden decorative elements you can give your Christmas tree the boho look you want. Balls in different sizes, pine cones, stars, bows, apples, mushrooms – diversity is required when selecting the motifs. You are welcome to combine the golden jewelry with other colors, such as copper or bronze. With the chain of lights, it can be a splash of color like ruby ​​red or turquoise. Decorate the rest of your home with a combination of old and new. Vintage candlesticks, glass vases and abstract figures can easily be lined up on the wooden shelf .

Tip: Plants play a major role in the boho style. At Christmas time, opt for wintry plants such as Christmas roses, poinsettias or Christ’s thorn.

This is how you design your Christmas decorations in a boho look:

  • Versatile Christmas tree decorations in gold, copper and bronze
  • Fairy lights in soft warm white
  • Candlesticks and tea lights in gold, copper and decorative glass
  • Vases, wintry figures and more made from different materials
  • Winter flowering plants
  • Wall vases in round or geometric shapes

Down-to-earth and traditional, modern and straightforward, playful and eccentric – or something in between? How you design your Christmas decorations is ultimately a question of your individual taste. Be inspired by our suggestions, choose your favorite ideas and find your own style. We hope you enjoy bringing the magic of winter into your home!

Which Christmas Decoration Suits Your Style of Living