Which Type of Shelf

Which Type of Shelf Suits You?


Not all shelves are the same: the furniture we use to set up our homes can be as varied as our tastes. But which style suits you? And how can the different types of shelves in your home support this? In this article you will find out what type of shelf you are and will receive practical tips for implementing it in your home. To see decoration with letters, please check proindustrialfans.

Type 1: The structured one

“Order must be” is your motto, which runs like a straight line through your life – and your home. Unusual furniture constructions are not your thing at all, because you value clarity and structure. Classic shelving walls are the most suitable types of shelving for the home: This way, all your belongings can be seen and reached at first glance. Since you also like to use your home as a workplace , a well thought-out office shelf is indispensable for you.

Even before configuring the furniture, you have made an exact plan of which types of shelves could fit and which items should fit in them. With this knowledge, you can adapt the elements of your furniture exactly to your requirements: A large, open compartment for your TV, smaller compartments for books and files, drawers for electronic equipment – you know exactly what you need and what your shelf should look like.

Tip: You can ensure even more order in your four walls if you use shelves as room dividers to structure large rooms.

Which Type of Shelf

Type 2: The individualist

For this type of shelving, cosiness means letting things go and creating space for creativity. For you, your home is the place where you can best express your personality. So why choose furniture in standard dimensions when it can be more individual?

That’s why you rely on an unusual division for all types of shelves: elements in different sizes and depths, some with continuous middle panels, bring dynamic into the home and offer versatile storage space. Combine closed and open elements, plain decors or lacquered surfaces with wood or glass to design an individual shelf that reflects your personal style.

Tip: complete your shelf with wall shelves and shelf cubes for a distinctive look.

Type 3: The bookworm

Shelves are primarily there for you to store your ever-growing collection of books. You would most like to live in a home whose walls are 100% covered with bookshelves. The closest you can come to this idea is with simple shelves that put your literature collection in the foreground. A simple wooden decor or shelves in white are completely sufficient.

Plan this type of shelving to the ceiling or add tall cabinets to utilize the full height of the space—provided you have a ladder to reach the top shelves in rooms with very high ceilings. Still not enough space for your impressive book collection? Then plan low shelves that fit under your window to create storage space there as well.

Tip: Configure two corner shelves and place them opposite each other. This is how you create a U-shaped shelving system.

Type 4: The minimalist

For you, less is more, especially when it comes to furnishing your four walls. Filling a room with furniture is out of the question for you, you’d rather roll out your yoga mat comfortably in the living room. So that the floor is as free and accessible as possible, you like to plan your furniture against the wall – wall shelves and shelf cubes are the perfect types of shelves for you.

It gets even more minimalist with shelves that you attach to the wall instead of a conventional shelf. There is space for your favorite books and a few decorative items ¬– that’s all you need to be happy. In our online configurator you can plan individual boards made to measure, provide them with your desired decor and easily order them online.

Tip: configure several shelves in the same decor or choose a different decor for each shelf to add variety to your wall.

Type 5: The nature lover

You live in the middle of the city, but don’t want to do without a piece of nature? Or are you generally more of a rustic type who doesn’t really like bright colors and finishes? Shelf types with wood decors or made of solid wood are the right choice for this type of shelf. Choose from various decors such as maple, Tuscany beech or Merano brown, which appear particularly down-to-earth thanks to their natural coloring.

With our solid wood shelves you have the choice between beech, oak and core beech, which are available in finger-jointed versions or with continuous slats. Furniture made of solid wood is not only beautiful to look at, but also good for the indoor climate: the wood absorbs excess humidity and releases it again in dry air. If you now place flower vases and potted plants on your new shelf, your native jungle will be perfect.

Tip: Combine your solid wood shelf with a front in a light plain decor, for example white or cream.

Type 6: The sore thumb

This type of shelf has no problem standing out. You don’t shy away from colorful statements, both in your clothing and in the choice of your shelf types. As a self-confessed “colorful dog”, you will find what you are looking for in the shelf configurator with our lacquered surfaces: plan your shelf with doors and provide it with a front lacquered in one of 190 RAL colors. Whether pastel, natural or extravagant: With this large selection you are guaranteed to hit the right note.

If you’re a fan of the boho style, you’re guaranteed not to stick to just one color, because this furnishing trend thrives on a colorful mix. For example, complement your ruby ​​red shelf with an emerald green sideboard or a rapeseed yellow side table . There are (almost) no limits to your creativity!

Tip: Limit your colorful furnishings to 3 to 4 colors so that harmony is not neglected despite all the extravagance.

Type 7: The efficient one

Types of shelves that are allowed in your home must be able to do one thing above all: adapt perfectly to the niches, corners and slopes of your premises. After all, you don’t want to give away valuable centimeters either above or to the side, because the available space should be used as efficiently as possible. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a small apartment or on the top floor: you want to get the most out of the space available.

The best types of shelving for you are built-in or niche shelving. These are integrated into the room and its corners in a particularly space-saving manner. This transforms previously unused square meters into practical storage space. If you live directly under the roof, you can plan a shelf online that is adapted to the sloping roof . Just take a look at our furniture for sloping ceilings and plan a shelf that fits to the millimeter.

Tip: You can find out how to correctly measure the space for your sloping shelf in our free measuring instructions.

Have you already found your preferred type of shelving or do you need further assistance? The customer and furnishing advisors will be happy to help you plan your dream shelf online. Just contact us and let our professionals guide you through the furniture configuration!

Which Type of Shelf Suits You