White Color and Organic Forms in a Summer House in Greece

Spring is approaching and after the summer and surely many of you are already making plans for the holidays, some will have your usual holiday destination and others choose a new destination in which Miss, but all aiming to enjoy free days and the maximum of good weather and that comes in handy having a pleasant environment.

So in Decoesfera we begin the week dreaming of un excellent destination like Greece and with an apartment located there that is perfect to enjoy the days of sunshine with the maximum comfort. If we travel with family or friends, what we need in a summer house are mainly large spaces with furniture appropriate for the meeting.

One of the most important parts of a summer house is without doubt the terrace, if it can be accompanied by good views and a large swimming pool as in this case, the set will already be perfect, but but can also enjoy her outdoor.

The White is the main protagonist in this case both the terrace and throughout the House, a classic in the Mediterranean style that reflects all the light of the summer and that is complemented with the turquoise blue water. Only some details of color in small accessories contrast with the.

But not every day weather so it is important to have a good alternative for meetings of interior lounge. If the room is large enough as in this case, it may be divided in several environments, living area, dining area, an area intended for the meeting and other more private for the family.

The organic forms of the architecture of the House and some of the plug-ins They contrast with the straight, smooth from much of the furniture lines. The colors white and blue, as before mentioned, remain the major players and inside provide a feeling of freshness that contrast with the warmth of the summer sun.

As for the details, it is important that inside contact at least in a visual way the outside, the large windows are essential in every home, but even more so in the summer. While we need a comfortable place to be, the best of the summer is to enjoy the environment that surrounds us outdoors and can see it from the inside of house fills us with positive energy.

It can also be include some more functional element as a bar with high seats for breakfast or a snack. It is not necessary to recharge with many ornaments, holidays are for relaxing and environment that invites to him must be the least reloaded possible.

And we finished our tour of this apartment with a detail of the more intimate lounge area and bedroom. In particular the bedroom is surprising because it incorporates colourful different from those of the rest of the House and its environment is warmer than in the other rooms.

We should also highlight that Although the House has lots of natural light it is important to pay attention to the artificial lighting in the innermost rooms and short daylight hours. We are looking for in vacation warm, and indirect lighting that provide us with the necessary clarity but creating an enveloping atmosphere that helps us to relax and enjoy the holiday period.