With The House in Tow, Portable Housing of Abaton Architecture

Most of us have passed one or more times in our life by moving. Normally, although experience has some fun and illusion begin to live in a new House, is also a roll packing and unpacking so much else and transporting furniture and boxes. Easier would be to be able to take our whole House and carrying from one place to another when you want to move.

You can dream a little weird, but in reality it is not impossible, the notebook House It exists and is perfectly suitable to live. The Spanish study of architecture Abaton It has developed a House twenty-seven square meters that can be easily transported in the back of a truck and placed almost anywhere.

Outside the House is coated entirely with Cement Grey panels They provide a solid and sturdy appearance to the House. It is important to note that the House can be manufactured in between four to six weeks and is mounted on a single day.

The notebook House has with a living room with kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom, We can see some images of these rooms in the photos in this article. The roof provides an interior height of three meters and a half. It is important to note that most of the materials with which the House is made are recyclable and comply with the most important criteria of sustainability.

This portable House is called ÁPH80 and mixed with the environment that surrounds it thanks to its large openings that communicate with the indoor outdoor. The use of wood in the interior of housing add calm, warmth and balance to the space and also makes the interior hypoallergenic.

A modern and functional House that somebody can give you a personal touch textile articles or decorative details and has the advantage that we can take it with us wherever we go.