Wooden Lounge Furniture for the Garden and Terrace

Sitting in the garden with friends for a long time on a mild summer evening or looking at the starry sky from the terrace – a dream that becomes even more beautiful with the right furniture. Wooden lounge furniture creates a real holiday feeling on your balcony or terrace and ensures that you can really feel good. In this article you will learn how to find the best furniture for you. To see wallpapers for the hallway, please check listofledlights.

The right wood for your lounge furniture

Outdoor lounge furniture made of wood must have a certain resilience so that it does not break even in the rain and cold. You may have heard of teak in this context: it is a particularly stable type of wood that is used to make long-lasting furniture. The wood has a high rubber content and is therefore naturally water-repellent. However, it is not sustainable: Teak wood has a bad ecological balance and should therefore only be bought with an FSC seal. This certifies that the teak has been sustainably grown.

Lounge furniture made of wood is also made from other types – such as acacia. Acacia wood is also one of the water-repellent woods. Cheaper types of wood are pine and spruce. However, lounge furniture made from this wood must be thoroughly pre-treated so that it can withstand the weather. You will also find rattan lounge furniture on many balconies and terraces.

Wooden Lounge Furniture for the Garden

Lounge furniture made from used wood

This new trend is that used wood is reprocessed to create unique, weathered looking furniture. This old, sanded wood is used to make outdoor lounge furniture that is absolutely unique. After all, wood has come a long way and has a long history behind it – and no two pieces of furniture are alike.

The most commonly used wood for this lounge furniture is spruce. This is made more durable with the help of wood preservatives. The finished furniture is reminiscent of beach or cocktail bar furniture and invites you to romantic evenings for two or cozy game nights with friends. The rustic-looking furniture can be perfectly combined with thick cushions in bright summer colors.

The right accessories for lounge furniture made of wood

If your lounge furniture is on the terrace, you may also have the space for a matching dining table for your guests to sit at on summer days. On the balcony, at least a small order table, on which drinks can be placed, goes well with wooden lounge furniture.

Thick cushions are a must. The wood for lounge furniture can be brought into almost any shape, so that the tables and chairs are ergonomically designed. But they are still hard, so you should be able to offer each guest a seat cushion.

This is how you properly care for lounge furniture made of wood

The wood of your outdoor lounge furniture needs regular care so that it can withstand wind and weather. You can easily clean it with a damp cloth. Do not use harsh cleaning agents, as these can attack the wood or destroy the impregnation. Follow the instructions on how to gently clean wooden surfaces .

A wood care product is recommended for subsequent care. This contains an oily component, is quickly absorbed by the wood and creates a protective layer. Nevertheless, the legs of the furniture should never stand in water for a long time – the moisture then moves upwards and damages the furniture from the inside. If you do not use your lounge furniture on the terrace or in the garden for a long time, it is best to store it in the garage or in the basement. If you don’t have this option, protective covers and covers help to make your furniture winter-proof.

By the way: Not only your lounge furniture needs cleaning and care, but also the upholstery. In our article you will learn how to properly clean upholstery and other textiles .

Wooden Lounge Furniture for the Garden and Terrace